R.J. Peña is a 3D lighting/shading and fine artist, born and raised in HJouston, TX.  His family encouraged him at a young age to draw and perform on stage, which has evolved into his current love of visual and emotional storytelling. He began his career at the Rochester Institute of Technology in upstate New York studying traditional hand drawn animation and was fortunate enough to have arrived with enough credits to allow a thorough exploration of fine art. After receiving his BFA in Film and Animation, he returned to Texas where he completed his Masters in fine art in Texas A&M's Department of Visualization.


Currently, R.J. is freelancing as a VFX artist in Los Angeles having just completed an internship at Zoic Studios as a 3D generalist.  His artwork has been greatly influenced by the rigidity of technical animation and has transformed into a form of meditative Abstract Expressionism on a large scale, providing an outlet to the tedium of his day job. His artwork has been shown at multiple venues in Houston and College Station, TX, and his lighting work was recently in a short at the Electronic Theater that was runner-up for best student work at SIGGRAPH 2014.